French for early years. In class or online

Bonjour Tonton! French for children

If you want a fun and simple way to start your child learning French, we have the best French for children resources right here!

French for children is fun with Tonton la Tortue!


What was your language learning experience like when you were a child? Were you put off by difficult tasks in the classroom? Did you feel bad because you didn’t have a ‘natural’ ability?

At Bonjour Tonton we design our resources to make French for children as fun as it can be and to show that all children are naturals!

Tonton the French speaking tortoise is the star of the show and helps your child learn French as easily as they learn their mother tongue.

We aim to create resources that don’t intimidate your child or make them feel like they are struggling to understand any of the language presented to them. Our goal is to make language learning a fun game to play with parents, grandparents or teachers, and to find fun ways to incorporate new language into everyday life.

There are dozens and dozens of videos on Tonton’s Youtube channel  that entertain and educate and have your little ones giggling with delight.
Our videos regularly receive positive feedback from parents that their children find Tonton’s antics so funny that they don’t even realise they are learning.

Tonton also has his first ever picture book for adults and children to learn French together, and maybe even make French learning part of the bed time story routine!
Tonton created his special books after 10 years of language teaching in the classroom and understanding just how children learn.

We created Tonton’s book for grown ups and children to read and have fun with together, making language learning a positive experience for your child and to inspire children to want to learn more and more…so go for it!  Jump in to learning French and let us know how you get on!

When you purchase your picture book you will receive a FREE copy of Tonton’s nursery rhyme album that features 16 traditional French nursery rhymes for you to sing along with!



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