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How do you say ‘rabbit’ in French?

Bonjour les amis!

How do you say ‘rabbit’ in French?Screen shot 9

Here we are, back again helping you to teach your children French with another funny French video for kids!

Today we are looking at some basic French words that your children will find fun to copy. We are looking at how to say the names of some toys and hopefully these will be ones that your children are familiar with. They are fairly easy words to practise and you can have some fun reconstructing Tonton’s game that you will see in the video for your language learning at home.

The toys are hiding under Tonton’s box but beware of the last box as there is a surprise hiding for Tonton!


Here is the language used in the video:


Voilà trois boîtes (Here are three boxes)

Une, deux, trois (One, two, three)

Il y a trois boîtes (There are three boxes)

Qu’est-ce que c’est? (What is it/this?)

C’est un petit lapin (It’s a little rabbit)

C’est un petit livre (It’s a little book)

C’est un petit dinosaur (It’s a little dinosaur)

I hope you weren’t too scared by the dinosaur roar!

Happy learning!

Heidi and Tonton x





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