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French prepositions – dans la boîte

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French prepositions – dans la boîte

Bonjour les amis!

For this week’s video we are tackling French prepositions (well actually just one) the preposition ‘dans’ (in)

If your child is learning French they might be learning lots of vocabulary for the things around them, but it is extremely useful for them to be able to take the next linguistical step and be able to say where those things are.

Today we are looking at saying ‘in the box’ (dans la boîte)

In the video we only talk about the items being in a box but ‘dans’ can be used with other containers or places, eg.

dans le sac‘ (in the bag)

dans la tasse‘ (in the cup)

dans le placard‘ (in the cupboard)

dans le four‘ (in the oven)

dans la cuisine‘ (in the kitchen)

We also ask the question ‘qu’est-ce qu’il y a dans la boîte?’ (What is in the box)

And then the response ‘il y a…‘ (there is/are…)

Take a look at our video below and watch Tonton being naughty…again!


Happy learning!

Heidi et Tonton x

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