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French foods – Fun French learning for kids

French foods

French foods – Fun French learning for kids!

Bonjour les amis!

We are back again with our weekly videos, and this week we are learning about how to say ‘I am hungry’, ‘I am thirsty’ and a few French foods.

‘J’ai faim‘ (I am hungry) and ‘J’ai soif’ (I am thirsty) are extremely useful phrases for your little ones to learn as they probably say them numerous times a day.

Also it is really fun to learn a few French foods, so they can ask for their favourite foods while learning French at the same time!


In this video I say ‘J’ai‘ meaning ‘I have’

J’ai du pain                      I have some bread

J’ai du fromage              I have some cheese

J’ai du chocolat              I have some chocolate

J’ai du jus d’orange      I have some orange juice

J’ai du lait                        I have some milk     


If you wanted to practise asking for foods with your children, they could say Je voudrais…   

Eg. Je voudrais du lait     I would like some milk


And of course no video would be complete without Tonton having some sort of a problem. At the end of the video Tonton complains of feeling sick:

J’ai mal au coeur       I feel sick!


We have a couple of ideal songs to go along with this video by a French singer-songwriter called Alain le Lait. He has some wonderful music for kids and he has a great song called J’ai faim and another one all about French foods called En voici, en voila you can sing along to them whilst learning with Tonton too!

Happy learning!

Tonton et Heidi x


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