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How to say ‘I like’ in French

Bonjour les amis!J'aime

Continuing on from last week’s video where we learnt how to say some foods in French, this week Tonton is teaching your little ones how to say ‘I like’ in French, but also how to say ‘I don’t like’ of course!

If you have battles at mealtimes it might make it slightly more bearable if they at least tell you they don’t like their dinner in French! A moment of triumph for me came when my son, who was about three at the time, looked down at his dinner plate and then calmly said ‘Je n’aime pas les carottes’! His first ever French sentence came out of nowhere!

This week Tonton is eating

De la soupe          Some soup          J’ai de la soupe          I have some soup

Du poulet             Some chicken    J’ai du poulet             I have some chicken

Des chips               Some crisps       J’ai des chips               I have some crisps

He is also asking one of his favourite questions:

Qu’est-ce qu’il y a dans le sac?                    What is in the bag?

Tonton wants to eat all the food in the bag but he doesn’t like any of it!

J’aime la soupe         I like soup             Je n’aime pas la soupe            I don’t like soup

J’aime le poulet       I like chicken        Je n’aime pas le poulet           I don’t like chicken

J’aime les chips        I like crisps           Je n’aime pas les chips            I don’t like crisps

Take a look at this week’s video:


We hope you enjoy it, and don’t forget to tell us what your little ones think by contacting us on Facebook or Twitter!

Happy learning!

Heidi and Tonton x




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