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Count to ten in French

Bonjour les amis!count to ten in French

For this week’s video we are going right back to basics and learning to count to ten in French!

Counting is something that young children seem to really enjoy doing and when they are just starting to learn another language it is one of the first things they can pick up quickly and easily. It also makes us parents beam with pride as we see our little ones get to grips with counting in more than one language!

Watch our video and count along. The notes in the video tell you just what we are counting but look below for more information.

By the way, there are actually four dinosaurs in the video but one must have been hidden under my arm, in case observant little eyes notice!


Here is the vocabulary used in the video and I have also added how to say one of each object with its gender.

Un chapeau                 A hat

Deux amis                    Two friends                 Un ami / Une amie

Trois gâteaux             Three cakes                 Un gâteau

Quatre dinosaures      Four dinosaurs           Un dinosaure

Cinq amis                     Five friends                 Un ami / une amie

Six livres                      Six books                       Un livre

Sept briques               Seven bricks                Une brique

Huit peluches            Eight cuddly toys       Une peluche

Neuf oeufs                    Nine eggs                      Un oeuf

Dix tasses                     Ten cups                        Une tasse


Here are a few more vocab suggestions so the kids don’t just learn how to count to ten in French but also how they can make some simple sentences too!

To practise questions and answers you could ask my favourite question: Qu’est-ce que c’est? (what is it?)

As you watch the video point to one of the objects and ask qu’est-ce que c’est? Encourage the answer ‘C’est une brique‘ (It’s a brick) etc.

To practise further you can then ask the question:

il y a combien de …?         How many ….. are there?

And the response would be:

il y a deux……                       There are……..

Eg. Il y a combien de livres?

Il y a six livres

For more counting activities and other ideas please take a look at my article about using stacking cups to learn simple French vocabulary.

We hope you enjoy the video and as always you can contact us on Facebook or Twitter and please share!

Happy learning!

Heidi et Tonton x






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