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Learn to say your emotions in French

Bonjour les amis!emotions in French

Today we are learning about how to express emotions in French!

A recent video of ours focused on expressing likes and dislikes and today we want to show your little ones how to say how they are feeling, so we are really making sure their voices are heard…as if they weren’t enough already!

We have also added a few adjectives of character, I think the phrase ‘He/she is naughty’ is a good one to know!

Take a look at our video below to see Tonton expressing his emotions in French!


Here is what you heard:


Je suis excité                                            I am excited

Il est excité                                               He is excited

Je suis timide                                            I am shy

Il est timide                                                    He is shy

Je suis en colère                                      I am angry

Il est en colère                                          He is angry

Je suis heureux                                       I am happy

Il est heureux                                           He is happy

Je suis gentile                                           I am kind

Il est gentile                                               He is kind

Je suis triste                                              I am kind

Il est triste                                                  He is kind

Je suis fatigué                                           I am tired

Il est fatigué                                               He is tired

Je suis coquin                                          I am cheeky/naughty/a rascal

Il est coquin                                              He is cheeky/naughty/a rascal


Don’t forget that some of these emotions in French change spelling and pronunciation in the feminine form:

Je suis excitée (no change in pronunciation)

Je suis heureuse

Je suis gentille (no change in pronunciation)

Je suis fatiguée (no change in pronunciation)

Je suis coquine


So we hope you and your children have fun copying these phrases and the impressive acting by Tonton!

Let us know if you like the video and if it inspires any language play at home!

Happy learning!

Heidi et Tonton






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