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French routines for kids

Boy and tie 2Bonjour les amis!

How happy are your kids about doing the things they need to do to get ready in the mornings?

If they are anything like mine, they might put up a struggle and try and wriggle out of doing any of it.

Our video today is all about French routines for kids. And while it might not make the morning routine any easier, it should make learning these few simple actions fun!

In our video today Tonton is helping me get ready so of course I look worse at the end than when I started!

Also we have included how to say days of the week. There is one day of the week for each activity.

Take a look at our video here:

French routines for kids

Here are the words used in the video:

Days of the week

lundi                       Monday

mardi                     Tuesday

mercredi               Wednesday

jeudi                        Thursday

vendredi               Friday

samedi                   Saturday

dimanche             Sunday


Je me lève                               I get up

Je me brosse les dents      I brush my teeth

Je me lave                               I wash myself

Je mange le petit déjeuner   I eat breakfast

Je me brosse les cheveux        I brush my hair

Je m’habille                                 I dress myself

Je me couche                                I go to bed

Bonne nuit                                    Goodnight

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