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Review of Flashsticks

Flashsticks French learning Post-it ® notes

Flashsticks TontonA few weeks ago we were asked to review a wonderful French learning resource that I hadn’t come across before.

I am always excited by new and fun ways to introduce French language to the children so I jumped at the chance to give these cute sticky notes a go. Take a look at our video below to see just how much Tonton enjoyed playing with this new resource!

What are Flashsticks?

Flashsticks are sticky notes that can stick all over your home to help you and your family learn new words in either French, Spanish, Italian, German, Portugese, Mandarin, English and even British sign language.

Each note has a picture of one word or phrase with a handy pronunciation guide underneath. The notes are colour coded into pink for feminine nouns, blue for masculine nouns and green notes for other words or phrases.

There is also a free app which is a great help for pronunciation. By simply holding your smart device over any of the notes a native language speaker will pop up and demonstrate the correct way to pronounce the word or phrase. This is extremely helpful for those words that sound nothing like they are written!

We love Flashsticks!

We have been using Flashsticks at home and have found it really fun to take out a word or phrase each day. We mainly talk about them at meal times when everyone is together so our kitchen is getting quite full of colourful sticky notes! My seven year old especially loves the app which is a great novelty factor and he can spend quite a long time scanning all the notes he can get his hands on.

There are 100 words and phrases in the beginners pack and there are two more packs available in French too so they can really be a big boost to the language learning of you and your family.

Tonton loves Flashsticks!

Take a look at our video below to see how imaginative Tonton is with his use of the sticky notes!

To find out more about Flashsticks you can go to their website

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