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Lesson # 5 – French clothes vocabulary

French clothes vocabulary- Free weekly lessons for kids #5

comment ca va?

Bonjour! Welcome to your free French lesson plan! This week is all about getting dressed with our French clothes vocabulary.

So dig out your dressing up box, clothes for your dolls or teddies, or even clothes from the wardrobe and your kids will learn their French clothes vocabulary in no time!

Questions and answers

Each week in these lessons we learn our new vocabulary with a specific question to help get us learn full sentences. This week the question is:

‘Qu’est-ce que tu portes?’ Kes kuh too port?
What are you wearing?

The response to the question is:

‘Je porte…’ Juh port…
I am wearing…

Another additional question that is extremely helpful is:

‘Qu’est-ce que c’est?’ Kes kuh say?
What is this/it?

French clothes vocabulary

To begin with, print and cut out the vocabulary sheets that you receive in your in box. Tell your child that you are going to be learning some French clothes vocabulary.
Hold up each card and ask ‘Qu’est-ce que c’est?’ (What is this?) Discuss the words on the cards, what they mean and how they are pronounced (see guide below).

When you are familiar with the new words tell your child that you are going to be asking them the question ‘Qu’est-ce que tu portes?’ (What are you wearing?) And that when you want to say ‘I am wearing’ you say ‘Je porte…’ For example, ‘Je porte une jupe’ or ‘Je porte des chaussettes’.

Try placing the cards face down and take turns in picking up a card and asking each other  ‘Qu’est-ce que tu portes?’ and responding with ‘Je porte…’

Practise the words together as much as you like. Colouring in the cards is a great activity and helps with memorising the new words. You could print the cards out in colour to start with and then as a test, you could print out the black and white versions and ask your child to identify and colour each item of clothing.

PairsFrench clothes vocabulary

If you have been through the French weather vocabulary lesson with us then you would already have played your game of ‘Pairs’. This is such a fun way of practising new vocabulary while keeping your child engaged that I have provided a version to play with the new French clothes vocabulary too! Here are the rules:

Print and cut out two sheets of the clothes cards (this works best printed onto card) Lay all the cards out flat in front of your child and encourage your child to ask ‘Qu’est-ce que tu portes?’ You must respond with ‘Je porte + item of clothing’. Now you must turn over the two cards that represent what you have just said. If you don’t succeed, say what the items of clothing are called and put the cards back face down, then it is your child’s turn. Ask your child ‘Qu’est-ce que tu portes?’  and he must respond with ‘Je porte + item of clothing’ and turn over the two matching items of clothing. Keep on playing until all the pairs have been found. Try and encourage your child to say what item of clothing is on each card, even if they pick up the wrong one.

This is a lovely quick game to play and it really helps with memorising the new vocabulary plus the new question.

You can also practise your French clothes vocabulary when getting dressed in the mornings. Make it part of your morning routine and it will become second nature!

Happy learning!

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