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Lesson #6 – French clothes vocabulary cont…


French clothes vocabulary- Free weekly lessons for kids #6

comment ca va?

Bonjour! Welcome to your free French lesson plan! This week we are still getting dressed with our French clothes vocabulary but we are going to add another useful phrase.

This is also a good time to dig out the vocabulary you have learnt with Tonton’s beautiful picture book ‘Tonton Makes Friends’. Knowing how to ask ‘What’s your name?’ ‘What’s she called?’ ‘What’s he called?’ etc. is a perfect accompaniment to this week’s lesson. Our book also contains other simple and useful vocabulary that your child can use day to day.


Meet Tonton and his friends…have you learnt all your introduction vocabulary yet?

Masculine v. feminine

Have you ever played the popular board game ‘Guess who’? The game where you have to ask questions and eliminate the possibilities to find the precise person you need to find?
I have created my own, mega simple, version of this game to help consolidate the French clothes vocabulary that we learnt last week.

And this week we are adding the useful phrase ‘I have‘…
J’ai une/un…‘ zhay oon/ uhn (I have a…) 

In French every noun is either masculine or feminine. For example, ‘a key’ is ‘une clé‘ – oon clay
And ‘a bag’ is ‘un sac‘ – uhn sack

Practise saying the phrases below with your child and get used to using the different pronouns:

J’ai une voiture – I have a car – oon vwah-tur

J’ai une pomme – I have an apple – oon pom

J’ai une banane – I have a banana – oon banan

J’ai un chat – I have a cat – uhn shah

J’ai un parapluie – I have an umbrella – uhn para-ploowee

J’ai un chien – I have a dog – uhn she-ahn

J’ai une brosse à dents – I have a toothbrush – oon bross-ah-don

J’ai un sac – I have a bag – uhn sack

J’ai une clé – I have a key – oon clay

Play the game!

You will have two sheets to print out this week. One sheet has six girls and one has six boys.

To start, pick a boy or girl sheet and name all of the people on the page. You can discuss things together such as ‘what is she called?’ what’s he called?’

Then choose a person from the sheet to describe in the first person. Use ‘Je porte…‘ (a dress is ‘Une jupe‘. We didn’t cover that one last week!) And also use ‘Jai

From these simple clues your child will be able to guess which boy or girl you are describing.
Takes turns describing all the boys and girls and you will have mastered the new words and phrases in no time!

French clothes vocabulary

Tonton the Tortoise has a wonderful new picture book that is perfect for starting your child on a path to loving languages. Full of new characters, Tonton goes on a journey around the park making lots of friends…one friend in particular is extremely memorable!

‘Tonton Makes Friends’ teaches children how to say their name and how to ask others’ names with lots of fun and laughter!

£9.99Buy now and see how much you will learn!

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