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BINGO! – French stationary vocabulary

French stationary vocabulary- Free weekly lessons for kids #7

comment ca va?

Bonjour! It’s another free French lesson plan! This week we are playing the universally loved game of BINGO! This game is going to help you practise your numbers again plus learn some very useful French stationary vocabulary.


You will also get some extra practise of the phrase we learnt last week: ‘Jai’ (I have)

If you have been learning with us for several weeks you will hopefully be starting to see how learning little phrases and a handful of vocab each week can really help you start to make full sentences and to be able to communicate about little things in French during your day. Learning a second language with your kids is such a satisfying process when they can begin to use small phrases spontaneously, and with lots of praise, encouragement and fun, they will want to continue learning more and more.

BINGO for French stationary vocabulary

I absolutely love the game of Bingo, as a teacher and also whenever I get the chance to play on a good old fashioned caravan park holiday (I think this might be a UK thing?! Let me know if you live outside the UK and you go on holidays in caravan parks!)

Bingo works so well for language teaching as it brings out the competitive nature of kids and it is so simple. Calling out the vocabulary and waiting for the kids to interpret what they hear whilst looking at their board to see if they can cross it off is a really effective way of practising listening skills and the satisfaction the kids experience whenever they have an item on their board is so much fun to watch each time.

How to play:

In your inbox you will find three sheets to print this week. The first sheet has a list of all the vocabulary that you will be learning.

Start by looking at the vocabulary with your kids. You could gather together a bag full of all the items on the list and use the ‘dans le sac’ chant to ask ‘what’s in the bag?’ Ask your child ‘il y a combien de…?’ (How many…are there?)  (This is covered in our numbers lesson)
Do this with all the items. Eg. ‘il y a combien de crayons?’ (How many pencils are there?) Then talk about how many of each item you have…’J’ai deux colles’ etc.

When you are all feeling fairly confident you know the vocabulary, print out the four grids and cut them out. Give all the players one grid, and choose how to call out the words that the players need to cross off their grids. You could cut out the images on the list below and stick them in a bag and pick them out randomly. Or you could simply read them off the list and keep track of which items you have called out.
When playing kids can either use a pen to cross off items on their grids, or if you would like to save them for later use they could use pennies to place over the images so they can keep track of what they are doing.

The person calling out the items must use the phrase ‘J’ai….etc’ ‘eg. ‘J’ai une gomme’ and when a child has the item on their grid they must call out ‘J’ai une gomme!’ When a whole grid has been completed the child can call out BINGO! and win the game!

Please let me know how you get on in the comments below!

 I really hope you enjoy this game. I have great fun playing this in class


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2 Responses to BINGO! – French stationary vocabulary

  1. Jacki W-J says:

    I love the lessons, but somehow the vocabulary and other things that we are supposed to download don’t show up. It is very frustrating, and I end up having to spend a lot of time recreating what I assume you have somewhere for us to find. That was especially bad for the food, and now for the Bingo card template.
    Otherwise, I love this program and all the lessons!

    • Bonjour Tonton says:

      Oh no, Jacki, that is frustrating if you can’t find the downloads, as the whole idea is to save you time! I have gone back to check the emails that I test and send to myself and the lesson downloads always appear at the top of the email with a paperclip symbol, right under the subject line. I see you are using gmail so maybe they appear elsewhere. I haven’t had anyone else contact me with this issue. I hope you can find them! Heidi x

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