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Lesson #8 – French introductions

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French introductions- Free weekly lessons for kids #8

comment ca va?

Bonjour! It’s another free French lesson plan! This week we are learning how to introduce ourselves in French. This week’s French introductions are extremely simple and perfectly compliment our wonderful picture book Tonton Makes Friendswhich I am sure you have your copy of right now! (If you have purchased a copy please let us know your thoughts if you haven’t done so already. We have had some wonderful feedback so far and your opinions really help so we can make book two even better!)



Dressing up!

This week we are getting lively with dressing up! Gather together as many props and costumes as you can for you, your child and also for as many dolls and teddies as you can find.

To start, find a language puppet or toy and dress him up with some clothes or props. Greet your character with Bonjour! and ask him
Comment t’appelles-tu? (Comon tappel too) (What’s your name?) 

Make your character say its name
Je m’appelle Sammy! (Juh mappel…) (My name is…)

You can greet your new character with Bonjour Monsieur! (For a male) Bonjour Mademoiselle! (For a young girl – technically unmarried!) or Bonjour Madame! (A married woman) You decide about the married/unmarried status of your toys!

Now dress up your puppet again to be a different character and ask your children to guess whether he is une fille (oon fee) or un garçon (uhn gar-son)  (A boy or a girl)

If it is decided the puppet is un garçon you can ask:
il s’appelle comment? (What’s he called?)

and if the puppet is une fille you can ask:
elle s’appelle comment? (What’s she called?)

The children can decide a name for the puppet’s character and can practise saying:

il s’appelle…Geoffrey  (eel sappel…) (He is called Geoffrey)

elle s’appelle…Maggie (el sappel…) (She is called Maggie)

Or the puppet can name himself:

‘Je m’appelle…Wellington!’

You can play this game by dressing up all the toys and discussing their names in this way. Or you and your kids can dress up and talk about each other’s names. There are numerous ways to practise saying your French introductions phrases and asking the questions:

The children take turns dressing up and you can chat to the puppet asking:

Hmm, c’est une fille ou un garçon? (Is it a boy or a girl?)

C’est une fille /garçon (It’s a girl/ boy)

 Or you can discuss with the group, if you have one:

il s’appelle comment? (What’s his name?)

You can ask the child directly:

 Tu t‘appelles Marguerite? Tu t’appelles Pierre? (Are you called Marguerite? Are you called Pierre?)

If you are playing with just one child you can dress up your toys and discuss with your child what their names are and ask them who they are when they dress up.

When you have given names to all of your characters your naughty language puppet or toy is good for re-emphasising everyone’s names when he forgets what they are all called:

il s’appelle Fifi?, elle s’appelle Jane?

Your child will need to correct the puppet:

non, il s’appelle…’ or ‘elle s’appelle…

Don’t forget to greet each other with Bonjour Madame/ Monsieur/ Mademoiselle!

It really is as simple as that!

Outside the activity

From now on you will be able to discuss what your toys’ names are in French, and this naturally leads into other areas. You might ask about the names of characters in favourite TV shows or books, or about the names of friends and family.
For even more practise you can use what you learnt in our clothes lessons and talk about what you are wearing when you dress up!

Don’t forget to purchase your copy of Tonton’s book below and be able to use all your new French phrases to read an entire picture book in French! Feel great about how much you are learning and how good it feels to understand a whole story!

Tonton the Tortoise has a wonderful new picture book that is perfect for starting your child on a path to loving languages. Full of new characters, Tonton goes on a journey around the park making lots of friends…one friend in particular is extremely memorable!

‘Tonton Makes Friends’ teaches children how to say their name and how to ask others’ names with lots of fun and laughter!

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