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Lesson # 9 French drink vocabulary

French drink vocabulary- Free weekly lessons for kids #9

comment ca va?

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This week we are learning some French drink vocabulary, in precisely the same way that we learnt some of our food vocabulary in lesson 4. When I play this game in class it never fails to excite the children. It really tests their listening skills as they can’t wait to have to run away at the right time!

Let’s start drinking!

Start by printing out your French drink vocabulary flashcards and cut them all out individually. There are only six words this week so not too much!
A very important question your child will definitely need to learn as they continue is the question qu’est-ce que c’est?‘ (kes kuh say?) (what is this/it?)

When you ask the question, the desired response is for your child to use the phrase ‘C’est…‘ (say…) (it is…)

French drink vocabularySo to begin with, hold up a food card to your child and  ask qu’est-ce que c’est?‘ Then say ‘C’est de l’eau‘ or ‘C’est du lait

Do this with all the French drink vocabulary cards and explain to your child what the words and phrases mean as you say them.

Once you have gone through all the cards several times you can test your child’s vocab by holding up a card, asking qu’est-ce que c’est?and encouraging their response. Your child can also ask you qu’est-ce que c’est?‘ and if you are both learning together it will be fun to see who remembers the most!

Another way to test vocab is to place the cards face down and to pick up a random card and ask your child what they think might be on the card. If they get it wrong it is good for having to repeat the vocab over and over.

What are you drinking Mr. Wolf?

French drink vocabularyNow is the time to bring out Mr Wolf again! This game is based around the children’s game ‘What’s the time Mr. Wolf?’ You don’t have to use a wolf character when you play at home. You could take out a scary (or non scary) toy or puppet that you have. I use a particularly scary looking shark puppet, which is where our beloved Renée character comes from in Tonton’s book

Once you have learnt all of your French drink vocabulary. Tell your child that you are going to pretend to be Mr. Wolf (Monsieur le loup) (muhsyur luh loo)
Monsieur le loup
 is going to stand facing the wall and your child will stand around ten paces back. Your child will take a random drink card and start to creep towards you counting their steps in French as they go.
Monsieur le loup then turns round all of a sudden and the child has to ask ‘qu’est-ce que tu bois Monsieur le loup?!‘ (kes kuh too bwah muhsyur luh loo) (What are you drinking Mr. Wolf?) Mr Wolf then replies ‘Je bois du lait‘ (juh bwah doo lay) (I am drinking some milk)
If Mr. Wolf says he is drinking the drink that is on the child’s card then the wolf gets to eat the child. If it is not the right drink then the child gets to creep forward for another few steps before the wolf turns around again. If the child reaches the wolf and he hasn’t guessed the right drink then the child is the winner.

This is a really fun game that always causes so much excitement whenever I play it. If you would really like to get in the spirit, I have also come across some really cute looking wolf autumn craft ideas if you wanted some inspiration to create a wolf mask to add some authenticity to the game!

French drink vocabulary:

Un coca – uhn coca (A coke. You can also say du coca, meaning ‘some coke’)

Du lait – doo lay (some milk)

Du thé – doo tay (some tea)

Du café – doo caf-ay (some coffee)

Du jus d’orange – doo joo doronge (some orange juice)

De l’eau – duh low (some water)


Happy learning!

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