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Lesson # 10 French games for kids – locations

French games for kids, locations – Free weekly lessons for kids #10

comment ca va?

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This week we are learning how to say some fun places to go, and the activity this week is very active and potentially extremely fast paced. So make sure all obstacles are out of the way because we are going places….fast!

All out war!

I love trying out new games in class and I often find that the games with a competitive edge get children the most excited and fired up. Sometimes the kids are in a battle for points, and if they are battling against Tonton then all is easily manageable, because if Tonton loses we only hurt his puppet feelings and it is not the end of the world. However, the times when it almost gets out of hand and egos get bruised is when kids are in competition against each other.

I trialled this week’s game in class a few weeks ago with children aged 5 and up. My daughter was in the class with her best friend in a team against two other kids. It is safe to say that my daughter and her friend are pretty poor losers and there were almost tears. From them and some of the other kids too! With help from some of the parents I ended up engaging in some sneaky manipulation to make sure the scores were even at the end of the game, but it was threatening to get ugly!!

If anyone has any advice on how to keep competitive kids games from ending up in full on war it would be appreciated, It’s not something I have been able to control very well!

Hopefully when you play at home or in school this week you will be able to keep things a little calmer!

Where are you going?

The all important question for this week is:

Où tu vas? Where are you going?
oo too vah?

And the response to the question is:

Je vais… I am going…
Juh vay…

I have provided you with two sheets this week with eight locations to go to. When you are saying where you are going you will need to say you are going ‘to’ somewhere. For our locations you will say Je vais à la…/ or Je vais au… (I am going to the)

Je vais à la plage        To the beach – ah lah plaj 
Je vais au café             To the cafe – oh café
Je vais au château     To the castle – oh sha-toe
Je vais à la forêt         To the forest – ah la for-ay
Je vais à la maison    To the house – ah lah may-soh
Je vais au parc            To the park – oh park
Je vais au supermarché   To the supermarket – oh super-mar-shay
Je vais à la piscine     To the swimming pool – ah lah piss-een

Starting the activties

Print out your two location sheets and cut out the eight locations.
Take some time to learn and practise the locations with your child.
Ask qu’est-ce que c’est? What is this?
To say ‘the beach’ etc. you give each place its masculine or feminine article…

La plage
Le café
Le château
La forêt
La maison
Le parc
Le supermarché
La piscine

When you are both familiar with how to say the places, pick up one of the cards and say to your child Je vais à la plage. Pretend to wave goodbye and leave – Au revoir!

Then you can ask your child Où tu vas? and encourage them to use Je vais…
and pretend to leave too. Young children in particular tend to find this quite funny!

Learning when to correctly say à la or au is expecting a lot at first so don’t focus too much on getting that right. Practise getting the place name right first and then perhaps focus on the accuracy a little later.

Competition time!

The game you will play is a dash to see who can get to the correct location first. Take your location cut outs and stick them either around the room you are in, or if you want to make it more challenging, around the entire house. If you stick the cards up around the house together you are both likely to forget where you put them and then it makes the game a little harder!

When the cards are stuck up where you want them, start the game by saying to your child ‘Je vais à la plage’ . Then tell him you both have to run to the beach card and see who can touch it first. If your child can handle it, you can keep score a score of your results.

Next time ask your child Où tu vas? Encourage him to say Je vais…  etc. and then when he does say it, you can reply by saying Non, Je vais au café etc. Emphasising the Je vais usually sparks the child to respond with  Non, Je vais au café and then a mad dash ensues to get to the correct place first.

Get your child to then ask you Où tu vas? and then have the same conversation…’No, I am going to the supermarket!’ ‘No, I am!

Get in touch and let me know if you can keep things civil when playing this game or if chaos ensues as it usually does with me!

Happy learning!

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