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Lesson # 12 – French introductions


French introductions- Free weekly lessons for kids #12

comment ca va?

Bonjour! It’s French time once again! This week we are doing more practise on French introductions and we are learning how to ask what he or she is called and how to say other people’s names. This is a continuation of our first French introductions lesson where we learnt how to say our own names.

This week’s lesson is extremely simple and a little silly, which is what we do best at Bonjour Tonton! It also perfectly compliments our wonderful picture book Tonton Makes Friends‘ which I am sure you have your copy of right now! (If you have purchased a copy please let us know your thoughts if you haven’t done so already. We love to hear from you!)


Out and about

This week’s activity is about having fun with naming random people and objects.This activity will get you out of the house and exploring what is around you whilst practising the following key phrases:

il / elle s’appelle comment? (eel / el sappel comon) What is his / her name?
il s’appelle… (eel sappel) He is called…
elle s’appelle… (el sappel) She is called…
un garçon (uhn gar-son) A boy
une fille (oon fee) A girl

It will also help expand your child’s vocabulary as you learn the French for all the things you will be talking about. You may like to take a small dictionary out with you if your French can’t keep up with all the new vocabulary, or of course there are also online dictionaries. I absolutely love

I have provided a download of a questionnaire to fill in for this game but of course if you want to save on printing it will only take a minute to write out your own.

Show your child the questionnaire and say that you are going to take a walk and you are going to name lots of things that you see.

Beforehand get a girl doll and a boy doll and explain what we call each one in French. Une fille and un garçon

When you are going for a walk out of the house take your questionnaire with you and decide with your child on an object around you that you want to give a name. It could be anything: a lampost, a dog in the street, a chocolate cake!
The first question you will ask is ‘qu’est-ce que c’est?’ (What is it?) If you have seen a bird you may write down ‘un oiseau’ in the first column. Then you need to decide if the bird is ‘une fille ou un garçon?’
Ask your child ‘c’est une fille ou un garçon?’ (say oon fee oo uhn gar-son?) Is it a girl or a boy? Then you need to give it a name, so ask your child: il / elle s’appelle comment?
Encourage your child to give the answer ‘il s’appelle/ elle s’appelle…’
eg. Il s’appelle Hubert!

When you have done your first one continue and name as many things you like!

The fun thing about this is you can really name anything you see and all the while your child will be learning new vocabulary.

When you get back home again you can review what you have discovered and revise the new vocabulary, or you can show family members and discuss your findings with them.
You can test your child’s memory: ‘le bateau, il s’appelle comment?’ (What is the boat called?)
If your child cannot write or read yet they could draw a picture of each thing they name and you can review the vocabulary by pointing to their work and asking ‘qu’est-ce que c’est? Elle s’appelle comment?’

Your child will be able to discuss everything about your chart, completely in French, and they will barely realise they realise they are doing it!


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