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Lesson #13 – Comment ça va?

Comment ça va? Free weekly lessons for kids #13 

comment ca va?


Bonjour et Bienvenue! Welcome to French lesson #13: Comment ça va?


How are you? How are you doing? Are you ok? How many times do you ask your children this question each day? Or how many times do you ask the adults you come into contact with? These are very important questions in any language and we are doing some revision of what we learnt way back in lesson #2 when we were asking:


‘how are you?’ Comment ça va?‘ (com-on sa va?) and some responses:

ça va bien‘ – good     (sa va bee-an)
ça ne va pas‘ not good  (sa nuh va pah)
ça va très bien!‘ really good! (sa va tray bee-an)


This lesson also revises the introductions we learnt in lesson # 8 and lesson #12 

il / elle s’appelle comment? (eel / el sappel comon) What is his / her name?
il s’appelle… (eel sappel) He is called…
elle s’appelle… (el sappel) She is called…
un garçon (uhn gar-son) A boy
une fille (oon fee) A girl

Hide and Seek!

What child doesn’t love to play hide-and-seek? Our French learning version of Hide and Seek involves hiding lots of your favourite soft toys or figurines, and if you decide to hide lots of toys, this game could keep your child occupied for a long time!

For Stage 1 you need to print out the activity sheet that you will find in your email inbox. If you don’t want to switch on your printer you can always write out your own chart as it is really simple. You will also need to print out the ‘comment ça va?’ picture sheet so you can cut out the pictures (but again you could draw your own)

On the activity chart write down the names of all the characters that you are going to hide in the column marked ‘Elle / il s’appelle comment?’ Do this with your child, all the while talking about the toys’ names in French. Explain that you are going to go and hide all the toys and your child must go and find them. When you hide each toy, place a cut out card with the toy and when your child finds each one she must note down how they are feeling according to the card they are found with. She can note down ‘ça va bien’ by writing a tick, ‘ça va mal’ by marking a cross and ‘ça va très bien’ by marking two ticks.

You can play the game again and swap roles, with your child hiding the toys for you to find!

Then you can discuss what is written on your chart. Try conversations such as:
‘Mickey Mouse, Comment ça va?’
ça va bien!

It is really that straight forward. These are lovely phrases to practise as you don’t need to remember complex grammar!

Happy learning!

Heidi et Tonton x

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