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Lesson #15 – Christmas!

French Christmas vocabulary- Free weekly lessons for kids #15

comment ca va?

Joyeux Noël! For our last lesson plan of 2017 I have created a special Christmas themed version of BINGO! I hope you enjoy it and get your last dose of French learning in before the new year when we start all over again!

Don’t forget to create your sentences using ‘J’ai:  (I have). The aim is always to speak in full sentences.

BINGO for French Christmas vocabulary 

How to play:

In your inbox you will find three sheets to print this week. The first sheet has a list of all the vocabulary that you will be learning.

Start by looking at the vocabulary with your kids. You could cut the images out and gather them together in a bag. Use the ‘dans le sac’ chant to ask ‘what’s in the bag?’ Ask your child ‘il y a combien de…?’ (How many…are there?)  (This is covered in our numbers lesson)
Do this with all the items. Eg. ‘il y a combien d’étoiles?’ (How many stars are there?) Then talk about how many of each item you have…’J’ai deux sapins de noël’ etc.

When you are all feeling fairly confident you know the vocabulary, print out the four grids and cut them out. Give all the players one grid, and choose how to call out the words that the players need to cross off their grids. You could cut out the images on the list below and stick them in a bag and pick them out randomly. Or you could simply read them off the list and keep track of which items you have called out.
When playing kids can either use a pen to cross off items on their grids, or if you would like to save them for later use they could use pennies to place over the images so they can keep track of what they are doing.

The person calling out the items must use the phrase ‘J’ai….etc’ ‘eg. ‘J’ai un bonhomme de neige’ and when a child has the item on their grid they must call out ‘J’ai un bonhomme de neige!’ When a whole grid has been completed the child can call out BINGO! and win the game!

Thank you so much for following these lesson plans, and for all your comments. I am so happy that so many of you are enjoying learning with us. Keep coming back in 2018 for lots more fun!

Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year!

Gros bisous,

Heidi et Tonton

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