French for early years. In class or online


Tonton the French speaking tortoise is here to make learning French as fun as possible!

Unique and entertaining French classes for kids!

Heidi Rivolta and Tonton la Tortue have been a fun and energetic French teaching team  under the name of Bonjour Tonton! since 2009. They started off creating  lively and effective French classes for preschoolers in parent and toddler groups, preschools, and primary schools in Exeter, Devon. These classes became a favourite with parents and teachers as they saw just how quickly and effortlessly their children began to pick up basic French phrases. Their unique and entertaining style created a place where parents, children and teachers could be inspired to learn another language and then practise using it together, whilst being a little bit silly at the same time!

You can watch us and learn with us online!

Seeing as Bonjour Tonton! French classes for preschoolers and primary children were so effective at teaching French, Heidi and Tonton decided to show what they do online with some entertaining French videos for kids. You can now join Heidi and Tonton right away and start learning with our free videos on Youtube. Don’t forget to subscribe!

Our mission is not to make your children fluent, however we wish to provide you and your children with a positive experience while learning a small amount of a foreign language, therefore inspiring you to continue learning a hugely valuable and rewarding life skill together.

Heidi is a British born mum of two children and a language graduate (French and Spanish) but even if you are fluent in a language or perhaps even a native speaker, it can be very difficult to know exactly where to begin with teaching your young child. Everyone knows that to learn a language well you must start as young as possible, but without some help it can be easy to let those early years of your child slip by without putting in place any foundations for your child’s language learning.

We are here to help! 

Please comment on blog posts if you have any thoughts, ideas or suggestions. If you have success with a particular language learning programme or have developed your own unique way of learning we would love to hear from you to share ideas!

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Happy learning x