French for early years. In class or online


Lesson # 1 – French weather expressions

French weather expressions – Free weekly lessons for kids #1   Earlier this year someone on my Facebook page asked if I would consider doing a French lesson about the weather and I thought it would be perfect to start … Continue reading

Review of Flashsticks

Flashsticks French learning Post-it ® notes A few weeks ago we were asked to review a wonderful French learning resource that I hadn’t come across before. I am always excited by new and fun ways to introduce French language to the … Continue reading

French routines for kids

Bonjour les amis! How happy are your kids about doing the things they need to do to get ready in the mornings? If they are anything like mine, they might put up a struggle and try and wriggle out of … Continue reading

Mon meilleur ami – Fun French with Tonton

Bonjour les amis! Today Heidi is showing Tonton all her other friends but Tonton doesn’t like it at all! He is getting very jealous! Tonton doesn’t like Heidi’s new friends, he wants to be her only one. We have learnt … Continue reading

Learn to say your emotions in French

Bonjour les amis! Today we are learning about how to express emotions in French! A recent video of ours focused on expressing likes and dislikes and today we want to show your little ones how to say how they are feeling, … Continue reading

Count to ten in French

Bonjour les amis! For this week’s video we are going right back to basics and learning to count to ten in French! Counting is something that young children seem to really enjoy doing and when they are just starting to … Continue reading

How to say ‘I like’ in French

Bonjour les amis! Continuing on from last week’s video where we learnt how to say some foods in French, this week Tonton is teaching your little ones how to say ‘I like’ in French, but also how to say ‘I don’t … Continue reading

French foods – Fun French learning for kids

French foods – Fun French learning for kids! Bonjour les amis! We are back again with our weekly videos, and this week we are learning about how to say ‘I am hungry’, ‘I am thirsty’ and a few French foods. … Continue reading

French prepositions – dans la boîte

French prepositions – dans la boîte Bonjour les amis! For this week’s video we are tackling French prepositions (well actually just one) the preposition ‘dans’ (in) If your child is learning French they might be learning lots of vocabulary for the … Continue reading

petit pouce es-tu là?

Bonjour les amis! This is our first video of 2014, and to start the year off we have brought you a very sweet and simple French nursery rhyme called petit pouce es-tu là? We think you are going to like this … Continue reading