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 Are your children learning French? Take the best first step with Tonton and friends in his new book:

‘Tonton Makes Friends’

‘Tonton Makes Friends’ is a perfect book for your young learners beginning their language learning journey, full of entertainment, humour and genuine learning satisfaction.


Our funny characters give kids everything they need to enjoy an engaging story whilst learning real, conversational French at the same time.


Our unique learning concept is as fun and engaging as any book you will read to your child at story time or bed time, with the added benefit of learning a foreign language while you read!


The funny story and humourous characters help kids engage and learn.



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Growing familiarity with the book and characters will boost kids’ confidence and fuel their desire to learn.



Bilingual text and phonetic pronunciation guide helps with every word, so parents and teachers who are not so sure of their foreign language abilities can pick up a book and be confident right away about what they are reading.


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Many adults have said that our book is a great tool for them to learn from too!



For parents and teachers this is a zero preparation resource. Pick up our book and start learning anytime, anywhere!



We even have quiz pages at the back to give kids’ a confidence boost when they see how much they are learning!




Learning satisfaction guaranteed. Say goodbye to the struggle of memorising vocabulary or confusion. Kids won’t even feel like they are learning!



Perfect for holiday vocabulary for family holidays in French speaking countries!


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