French for early years. In class or online

Tonton Makes Friends


Heidi and Tonton have created a wonderful picture book that is guaranteed to start your child’s French learning journey on the right track.

Tonton la Tortue stars in his very own story as he takes a walk through the park and makes lots of friends, and of course a Tonton story wouldn’t be complete without a few surprises along the way!

We truly believe that ‘Tonton makes friends’ sets itself apart from other French picture books. It will be so enjoyable to read with your children that they will not even realise they are learning a foreign language.

Our book makes the French learning process effortless, entertaining and addictive!

Whether as an adult you are a native speaker, proficient, or if your French skills are not as good as you would like, you will derive immense satisfaction at being able to read an ENTIRE story to your child in French with just as much understanding and enjoyment as in your native language.

Your child’s confidence will soar as they realise they can understand everything that is being read to them.

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This is Book One in what we hope will be a series of French learning books for children. ‘Tonton makes friends’ introduces the very basics of how to introduce oneself, how to ask someone’s name and how to say what others are called. Our book presents clear and useful phrases that can be built upon, providing a solid foundation for learning.

The story has been carefully written with simple words and phrases so that you and your child can easily repeat everything that you read and hear in your day to day learning. No words are wasted in the text.

You will also find the English translation alongside the French to help if you are not so confident with understanding everything initially. There are also help with how to pronounce the words at the back of the book.

The beautifully illustrated pictures complement the text perfectly so that your child’s comprehension of the story and the French they will hear is seamless. No frustrations will arise from trying to tackle complex sentence structure or difficult vocabulary that bears no resemblance to the pictures in the book.

Repetition is key to remembering and understanding new words and phrases in a foreign language. The most important aspect of ‘Tonton makes friends’ is the clever use of repetition throughout.

A handful of the same phrases are repeated consistently so that after just two or three readings children will be able to understand the complete French text without needing any translation. Kids will not even realise they are learning a second language!

The text also repeats questions throughout such as ‘What’s his name?’ ‘Is she called Fifi?’ These give you and your child the tools you need to be able to discuss the text together in French… Is he called Lou lou? What’s his name? What is this?…

These little mini discussions are crucial to cementing your child’s understanding of the phrases and boosting their confidence to be able to go out and use the phrases out and about, whether with family and friends or on holiday.