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How do you say ‘rabbit’ in French?

Bonjour les amis! How do you say ‘rabbit’ in French? Here we are, back again helping you to teach your children French with another funny French video for kids! Today we are looking at some basic French words that your children … Continue reading

French videos for kids – actions

Bonne année les amis! Happy new year from Heidi and Tonton! This is our first video of the year and we are excited to see you again after our short break. Today Tonton is not concentrating at all. I just … Continue reading

Il fait froid!

Bonjour les amis! How do you say ‘it’s cold’ in French? Brrr…Il fait froid! But despite all this cold Christmas weather, Heidi and Tonton have lots more fun French learning for preschoolers! Today we are learning some French clothing vocabulary and we … Continue reading