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How do you say ‘rabbit’ in French?

Bonjour les amis! How do you say ‘rabbit’ in French? Here we are, back again helping you to teach your children French with another funny French video for kids! Today we are looking at some basic French words that your children … Continue reading

Jean Petit qui danse – video no. 8

Bonjour les amis! Are you looking for a simple way to teach your child French? We think the very best place to start when teaching French to preschoolers is to sing songs! If you are worried about your own language skills … Continue reading

Counting in French, video no. 7

Bonjour les amis! Today we are doing some counting in French; at least I am trying to count but Tonton keeps getting in the way! He is being extra cheeky today and pretending to be asleep. Watch what we get … Continue reading