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Free French videos for kids – What’s his name?

Teach your child French with Heidi and Tonton’s free French videos for kids. Today we have another fun video to join our collection of free French videos for kids. You and your children can learn simple, everyday French phrases and … Continue reading

French learning videos for children no. 6

Bonjour les amis! Today Tonton is trying his hand at being a magician! He is convinced he has a magic trick that will leave you all totally amazed. I am not really sure. I think we should all humour him … Continue reading

French videos for kids – actions

Bonne année les amis! Happy new year from Heidi and Tonton! This is our first video of the year and we are excited to see you again after our short break. Today Tonton is not concentrating at all. I just … Continue reading

A French teaching toy!

Our stacking cups! Have you ever considered trying to teach your child a foreign language but have been put off because it feels like too much of a challenge? Here are some simple language learning activity ideas for parents, childminders, preschool … Continue reading

Learn French for FREE!

Bonjour tout le monde! Today’s post is not directly linked to children’s language learning, but the focus is more on the adults today! If you want to become a happier language learner and feel more confident in your ability to teach your … Continue reading

Teach your child French questions

Questions are a key ingredient to communication. Asking questions helps us learn and satisfies our need for information. When talking we ask questions ALL the time and as parents, we can sometimes feel overwhelmed when are children’s questions are even more … Continue reading

Easy French songs for kids to start learning

Singing songs in a foreign language is immensely satisfying for language learners and great for your child’s cognitive development. Here’s how to exploit the learning potential of French songs, boost your confidence, and maximise the fun with your kids! If you are a parent who feels your language skills are a little too … Continue reading